Suggested usage

Treatment capsules are indicated for use by adults and children over 13 years old.


  • Suggested adult use - 1 capsule twice a day;
  • Suggested children use (up to 13 years) - 1 capsule once per day.

Take these capsules at the same time every day (morning and evening), regardless of food intake. Consume with a small amount of water or milk. Taking the capsules does not affect the usual diet or lifestyle. The duration of treatment is 40 days.

The therapeutic effect:

There is a pain syndrome caused by increased load on the joints,

which is most often encountered by elderly and overweight people, athletes, and specialists in extreme professions. Joint injuries and post-traumatic arthrosis require long-term restorative treatment, which can take years.

Using the Treatment relieves pain, restores joint mobility and elasticity of muscle tissue. The effectiveness of the medicine is due to the competent selection of unique herbs and plants, which give a powerful therapeutic effect in their combination.

Regular intake of capsules allows you to achieve the following results:

  • a significant reduction in back and joint pain;
  • removal of puffiness;
  • cartilage tissue regeneration;
  • improving joint mobility;
  • strengthening bone tissue.

Due to the natural composition,

the drug has no contraindications and does not cause allergic reactions. It can be used for both prophylactic and regenerative treatment.

The components of the Treatment

The composition of the medicine includes such unique and rare plants as chilibuha (Strýchnos nux-vómica), anacyclus, terminalia chebula, aloe barbadensis and some others. Each of these plants has a whole set of useful qualities and they give a powerful positive effect.

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